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Mistress Mina Meow Fetish Dominatrix

Contacting Mina for a Session



I love watching men humiliate and degrade themselves for My amusement. Are you ready to toss aside your morals for My entertainment? Whether you desire to drool over My sexy size 7 feet, worship My long legs and perfect ass, degrade and humiliate yourself, or become another one of My drained pigs being able to worship and session with Me over webcam is a privilege you can't turn down.

How do you go about arranging such a session? Send Me an email or contact Me on messenger and politely inquire as to when I may be available. Be sure to let Me know what your dirty little fetishes and perversions are. After you may send your tribute for your session. Webcam is done through yahoo, skype or niteflirt...

Phone Sessions

Dying to hear My voice? Phone sessions all conducted through Niteflirt. Whether you care to chat about your sick and perverted little fantasies or crave to know what you may suffer in service to Me a phone session gives you the freedom of being able to speak with your Mistress and confess your darkest sins...

Rates vary depending on My mood...

Call Button 


In Person Sessions

The holy grail of submission...

I accept sessions on a limited basis. I look for quality and not quantity when it comes to play partners. I enjoy the art and intensity of power exchange during sessions and I prefer to play with those who are truly submissive and desiring total submission...

I love stripping any sense of control from My playtoys. They become Mine body, heart, and soul.

When inquiring about sessions ensure that you answer the following questions in an email to Me. Failure to answer these questions will result in your request being discarded or ignored.

How did you find Me?
Do you reside in the Los Angeles or San Diego area or planning a trip to see Me soon?
What is your level of experience?
Who have you served in the past? Do you have any references?
Do you consider yourself a masochist?
Do you consider yourself a submissive?
What are your fetishes/ interests?
Describe your ideal session?
Do you have any limitations?
What are your feelings about marks?
What do you envision Mistress wearing in your ideal session? Do you have any wardrobe requests?
Do you have any medical conditions? (Such as a latex allergy?)
Is there any additional information that you feel I should know?
When are you looking to session? What days and times are best for you?

Submit the questions in a well-worded and clear e-mail to Me and I will answer you at My convenience. I maintain a very busy and hectic schedule so session requests with advanced notice have the best chance at scheduling a session. Persistence usually pays off. All sessions are conducted at times that are convenient to Me.

I am demanding and have very high expectations. I choose only to play with those who can meet My requirements and amuse Me.

A few of My favorite activities:

CBT/ Ballbusting
Nipple Torture
Foot Worship
Bondage- rope or device
Sensory Deprivation
Sensation Play - Wax, ice, fur, feathers, electrical...
Electrical Play
Humiliation & Degradation- verbal & physical
Corporal Punishment- Flogging, spanking, paddling, whipping
Chastity Training
Roleplay- interrogation and medical play is a personal favorite
Tease & Denial
Forced Feminization/ Cross dressing
Financial Domination- piggy slaves, walking bank accounts

Activities I do NOT enjoy and will not engage in:
Brown showers
Intimate body worship - this includes ass worship and bare bottom smothering
Anything to do with children or animals (the real kind, inflatables are hysterical)
Hand jobs
Blow jobs or anything of the sort.
I am not interested in doing anything remotely sexual with you...


  Mistress Mina Meow Humiliatrix  



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